Gaz Smith (Owner)

Restaurant and catering - Dublin Ireland

When Gaz Smith needed to get his business online yesterday, he called us on Saturday and he was trading online on the Sunday.

Having the opportunity to work with Gaz has been an inspiration and an education. In parallel to running a very busy take home service business he and his team also found time to become an expert in at partially cooked home meal kits for special occasions such as Christmas, Valentines and Easter.

Such is the power of Gaz Smith, he would announce that the kits were available for pre-order and they would sell out in matter of minutes. 6 weeks in advance of Valentines day while the restuarant was shut for some R&R. They had sold out Valentines weekend all paid for in advance in less than an hour.

Never resting on his laurels Gaz and his collaborator x recently self published their own cook book. Which they pre-sold using their clickandcollection webshop.

"Anybody looking to switch online to click and collect for takeaway but a bit fearful of the tech side – Clickandcollection.com provide a very good, easy to use service for both customers and staff, plus their commission fees are super fair. One of the biggest pieces of the puzzle in my opinion."

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