Washerwoman embracing digital

3 February 2021
Customer stories

They say the digitalisation of the world has accelerated beyond expectations in the last 9 months. According to those who know these things consumer adoption of all things digital advanced at a rate beyond what forecasters thought would take 5 years to achieve. 

There has been a shift in people's behavior, buying and ordering online mostly on mobile has become mainstream. For many, it's a convenience they enjoy and have now are come to expect to be able to do it. 

We have been recently talking with the Washerwoman in Glasnevin, Dublin. They were quite convinced that their clientele, wouldn't be the type that would want to order and pay using their mobiles. 

Click and Collection had been working well for their sister businesses. So they decided why not ask and find out what do our customers want? They posted on their social media channels to test the waters. They received a fast and large response ......98% wanted the option of a Click and Collection service. 

Happy to say the Washerwoman is now up and running a busy nighttime service, with all their orders generated online. Bye-bye telephone orders! 


Join hundreds of other bricks and mortar businesses who are now selling online and providing collections, deliveries and table service to their customers through our software.