No code eCommerce Platform

6 May 2021

No Code Low Code software platforms are getting more airtime at the moment. 

The premise is that No Code platforms allow for the creation of software solutions without the need to write any code. It allows for speedy implementation of a software solution, much quicker than starting from scratch. 

We believe every business should be able to have on an online business element to what they do. We have tried to remove as many barriers as possible to ensure this can happen simply, quickly and cost-effectively. 

We set out to design and build our platform so that small independent businesses can have an eCommerce solution that is effective and efficient,  simple to set up and use. That a merchant can be trading in jig time. Our objective would be as little as 30 mins for a merchant to have their own webshop with the relevant backend processes built-in and in place.

We wanted to ensure cost wouldn't be a barrier for a merchant to having their own online business no matter the size of the business and that each business would get all features no matter what subscription plan they choose. Media is full of stories of ordering and eCommerce platforms taking significant percentages which seem harsh on the merchant. We set out to offer an alternative. 

We enable businesses to take orders for collection, shipping/ delivery & table service (which is wait staff-free ordering). 

This a seamless, contactless payments business model. There is no app required.  

Physical queues on-premises can be managed in an automated way by the software to prevent queueingsurges.  Merchants can also take orders and payments months in advance of fulfillment such as selling meal-kits in January for Valentines Day feasts. You get the drift!

As a samll team we personally talk to each merchant that wants to set up a webshop and trade online. We ensure they are using the tools that have available to them in the most effective and efficient way.  Software can have a very positive impact on a business's workflow and operations and we have built ClickandCollection so you can own that process.

Any questions just ask? Even just find out what is coming down the line. 

Join hundreds of other bricks and mortar businesses who are now selling online and providing collections, deliveries and table service to their customers through our software.