Matt the Farmer - New Business

21 January 2021
Customer stories

Here's to the do-ers and the dreamers that started new businesses in the last 10 months, to those who adapted and adopted, embraced new things and ways. Thank you for working with us and our fledgling platform.

They get us out of bed in the morning and keep us up late at night. We are well happy with that! Their company over the last 10 months has made all the difference.

Great to talk with Matt and Tamar from our business numero uno in the United States - Matt the Farmer in Massachusetts( based closed to Salem) yesterday.

Chatting to Matt, brought home the fact that his restaurant is brand new. Started weeks before Christmas. (In his spare time!) I knew that when they were setting up our platform but with putting the effort in getting them set-up to trade, it didn't sink in, or did I fully appreciate it.

The restaurant is spun out of Matts's Farming business and is based on the edge of his farm. Originally there was a concern that his potential customers wouldn't order online or through their mobiles. They would be slow to embrace mobile eCommerce.

Orders have grown week to week, as has his menu. If he posts his weekly menu slightly late some of his locals are pinging him to get a move on so they can order.  He is serving his local community and the word is spreading.

Matt told me he regularly checks out many of the other businesses using Click and Collection, for inspiration and ideas.

Michaels of Mount Merrion inspired him to have pre-order kits for the Super Bowl and Valentines' Weekend. Great to see this cross-fertilisation of ideas across the businesses on Click and Collection.

To quote a young poet, who will break the internet (in a good way).

For there is always light,
if only we’re brave enough to see it
if only we’re brave enough to be it.

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