Why, Oh Why

1 July 2020

Back at Day 1 (or maybe even before) we wanted to help small business to get back in business after they were shut providing them with an e-commerce platform, so they could trade safely and responsibly and where their processes and procedures would be automated. 

We didn't want to help with one site at a time but instead in a way that would be more efficient and to have a more significant impact for many small business that were negotiating online e-commerce for the first time - simply and quickly. 

There are a couple of criteria we have in mind when we are building Click and Collection:

  • We want to empower small business to have their own independent online business. 

  • We want bricks and mortar businesses with no technical skills to be able to take orders online in 30 mins from when they start to set up. 

  • Click and Collection should be simple to use from both business and consumer perspective. No app to download. 

  • The revenue these independent businesses create should be part of their local economy. 

  • The fees we charge should be affordable and not a barrier to entry for any business.

  • Each business that uses Click and Collection should have access to all features no matter what plan they choose to subscribe to. There seems to be a democracy in this approach!

  • We want to make things simple. But it can be hard to make things simple!

Join hundreds of other bricks and mortar businesses who are now selling online and providing collections, deliveries and table service to their customers through our software.