Helping clubs to maximise revenue during the summer rush!

2 August 2022
Customer stories

On a day to day basis the club is able accommodate all orders for restaurant & bars with their current level of staffing.

The problem arises when the club is in full swing. 2 hours after the is racing on (Thursday and Saturday).  There is a surge of people well beyond normal levels. Maybe the club doesn't have experienced bar staff. Members at times need to stand in line for 15 minutes sometimes even longer, to order their drink.

Many give up in exasperation. They don't order. That money is not spent. is helping clubs nationwide by introducing our table ordering service during those busy hours.

It's simple. Each table in the outside area has a QR code on it, which identifies the table. The member scans QR code where they can browse, order and pay for their order, without even moving from their seat. The order is received at the bar on their order tablet and automatically sent to their printer.

The member automatically receives receipt and confirmation of the order to their phone.

Bar prepares the order and the drinks are served to the table.


The queues at the bar vanish!
Every order is made, paid for and served with ease.
The full potential of the night has been realised both in terms of revenue and experience.

The club has a flexible light touch solution to use at times of pressure so they can maximise potential revenue. They can do more with less. 

Join hundreds of other bricks and mortar businesses who are now selling online and providing collections, deliveries and table service to their customers through our software.