Shells Cafe Strandhill always on the front foot.

5 January 2021
Customer stories

With the fear of repeating myself, we love when businesses we work with, take our platform and use it to craft solutions that really fit their business. 

Shells Cafe & Bakery in Strandhill, Sligo has a habit of doing that. They were one of the first users of the platform back in late April / early May. They had never used an eCommerce solution previously but knew online ordering for click and collection made sense. 

They began working with us,  re-opening their business even though their doors were shut. 

In the last number of months, we have developed a number of features and Shells have embraced them to offer contactless safe trading that is automated. 

They have decided all customer purchases during the current Tier 5 restrictions should be done online. There is no longer the option of paying in store. All online prepaid and ready for collection. This will reduce personal contact and keep everyone safe.

They use their QR code in their window as a seamless link to their shop on mobile. Also, all their social channels have their online link displayed prominently. 

They are using the live dashboard feature which notifies them as all orders come through visibly and through a sound ping. All orders are displayed in chronological order in terms of pick up and delivery. 

While most of the food is only available for click and collection, they do have a special menu available for local delivery. This delivery they look after themselves. 

Customers who order for click and collection can get their food dropped into the boot of the car when they arrive. 

Their innovative approach to life can be seen stamped all over their business. Without doubt a next-generation cafe and bakery sitting on the edge of Europe, looking out to the world. 

Join hundreds of other bricks and mortar businesses who are now selling online and providing collections, deliveries and table service to their customers through our software.