The Local Green Box - West Cavan

4 March 2021
Customer stories

Customer Spotlight:
Imelda Mullen | Owner | The Local Green Box Cavan
The Local Green Box Cavan is a community initiative that I run. As lockdown hit I saw an opportunity for weekly food boxes but I realised I needed to pivot online quickly and simplify the process for my customers.
I actually had another webshop almost ready to go but it wasn't as user friendly as I had hoped for my customers - this was going to be a big change for them. The payment was confusing and I thought, ‘Our customers don’t need this; especially if they aren’t used to digital payments.’ was better for us; it’s very user friendly for us and our customers most importantly.”

We work exclusively with small food producers from Cavan and the border counties, The Local Green Box Cavan offers much of what you would find at a farmers market. 

We update the website with new products each week and customers have three days to order. For producers, it helps knowing exactly how much product is needed each week; reducing food waste and saving valuable time.

You collect your order and don’t have to leave your car. We say it’s contactless, but the contact is just different; it’s not gone - you’re still seeing and interacting with the customer which is great for us. not only allowed us to continue serving our community but our orders have increased dramatically since we start using their platform.  We put this down to the ease of use and the opportunity to select different pick up locations and continue serving our community with a lifeline to local producers

Their aftersales service is incredible - they really take care of their customers. I couldn’t recommend and the team highly enough. They listen, help & improve the platform constantly. It’s quick to set up and easy to use. A real lifeline!

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