Christmas Hampers

23 November 2020

As we were approaching the last quarter of the year, many of the businesses we work with were thinking of new ways of dealing with Christmas trading - how could it profitable, safe for themselves and their customers, and orderly.

We set out to build a feature that we call FUTURE DATES. This allows customers to order and pay today and collect or get that order delivered sometime in the future date such as 23rd December.

As with all the features we build there is a nice automated workflow in the backend for the business and for the customer it is all about convenience and simplicity.

Already there are some really useful applications.

Charleville Hotel in Cork - used Click and Collection as their online shop to preorder visits to the Santas Village which runs from the end of November. Within 5 hours of soft launch they were fully booked up and paid for.

O'Reillys Butchers a local family butcher in Mount Merrion in Dublin had never had an online shop nor had even considered one, have taken a different tack to this Covid Christmas. 

Join hundreds of other bricks and mortar businesses who are now selling online and providing collections, deliveries and table service to their customers through our software.