Customer support

13 January 2021

Since Day 1, we have talked with our customers. I am pretty sure we have had an actual conversation with almost each and every one of the businesses that use Click and Collection. 

It has been great to have been able to do this. It has helped us understand the issues the businesses face and how we can assist them in overcoming them. At times we have talked before businesses have even registered and helped them set up. For many others it is after they have completed their webshop and are already taking orders online. At that point, we can suggest ways to help them finesse their workflow. 

Chatting with people that have used our platform has been great on a personal level for us here at Click and Collection. The stories, the laughs, the tears, the challenges faced and many times overcome have been our tonic and have really helped us through these 'special' times. 

We look forward to meeting many of these people in person in the months ahead when we go on a Grand Tour.

Keep talking to us - we are here to help

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